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Boy tries to prove pastor wrong about Sabbath

He fails and ends up planting a church in Ethiopia

In Puerto Rico, at 103 years of age, man decides to give his life to Jesus

As he came out of the water, 103-year-old Carlos Ortíz García raised his hands in victory, rejoicing to have accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Church members at the Youth Center of the East Puerto Rico Adventist Conference, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, rejoiced with him as they witnessed the baptismal ceremony on Aug. 11, 2018. “Jesus is my life and it is He that strengthens me,” said Ortíz as he spoke about his decision. Born in 1914, Ortíz was shy of turning 104 just 24 days before his...

Life-saving heart device program recognized for excellence

For the third time, the Loma Linda University Medical Center received the Advanced Certification in Ventricular Assist Device (VAD), further highlighting the hospital’s commitment to excellence in service. The Joint Commission awarded this reaccreditation earlier this year. “The importance of implantable mechanical devices cannot be overstated because they save the lives of heart failure patients who may otherwise die,” said Anees...

Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief provides help to Hurricane Florence victims

Disaster Relief unit of ACS working with other relief agencies, local government.